According to the WHO technical guidance reports on ‘Infection Prevention and Control’ (IPC), the spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) can be better controlled if homes, schools, workplaces and other public areas are regularly disinfected and kept clean. They state that, “disinfection will facilitate more rapid die-off of the COVID-19 virus” and that by applying good hygiene practises, “such efforts will prevent many other infectious diseases…” from also developing. This does not mean that you, your staff or loved ones are protected from contracting the virus but that the chances of anyone contracting it from one of your surfaces is much less.



A new bathroom is a rewarding improvement to any home and here at Innovate Concepts we treat each bathroom on its own individual merits.


The aim of our bathroom designs are to utilise space in the best possible way and to finish the bathroom using the individual design personalisation of our customers.


Our interactive showroom not only has some physical ideas within it, but also uses interactive screens to show customers potential ideas for their new bathroom project based on our previous work.


We offer an enormous range of baths, basins, toilets, taps and tiles to compliment any style that you desire. We also have a varied range of finishing products to really add that wow factor to any bathroom. These finishing touches include infinity mirrors, fully waterproof bathroom TV’s and full body jet pods.


If you are interested in a new bathroom and would like a starting point, please click on the link below to organise a free, no obligation visit to our showroom where one of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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